Clam Web Mail is No More...
Dead Service
Campus–based Email for Students Ended on July 1, 2014
On July 1, 2014 the clam mail system in Camden was shut down along with the student mail systems on all other Rutgers campuses. The ScarletMail system is now the only student email service at Rutgers University. More information is available about the decommissioning of student email services at Rutgers. Please note that email for student organization become accounts can continue to be accessed by desktop and mobile IMAP clients, as well as by web. To access a clam become account's email via the web, please go to the crab server web mail site and set the Server option to CLAM BECOME ACCOUNTS.

What if I still need access to my old email?!

Old email from the clam server will not be saved indefinitely. It will be purged from the campus file server on November 1, 2014. While web mail access to old clam mail is no longer available, arrangements can be made for temporary IMAP access. The IMAP protocol is supported by numerous Windows and Mac applications as well as most modern smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to use the IMAP protocol to copy messages from the clam mail server to your computer or other mail service provider. If you require temporary access to old clam email, please contact the OIT Camden Help Desk:

OIT Camden Help Desk
Paul Robeson Library, First Floor (rear)
Phone: (856) 225-6274