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Why join the Management Association?

         It helps to enhance your management experience by helping out charity organizations. As well as providing you with knowledgeable speakers, whom will enlighten you to the real life experiences that they have surpassed in there years in the field. It only meets about once a month plus a few charity events that will be held throughout the semester.


What benefit does joining the Management Association have for me?

        By joining the Management Association you will be able to hear and see the way businesses work in the world today. You will also be able to help out charities throughout the semester which would be a benefit in itself. One of the greatest benefits is to be able to put these experiences on your resume which would make it more impressive than anyone who has not joined the organization.









Alex's Lemonade Stand is the feature event of the Management Association and consisted of Lemonade, which was a dollar and all proceeds went to finding a cure for childhood cancer. All proceeds benefited Alex's Lemonade Stand. This was the 1st annual Alex's Lemonade Stand and it was a great success!  Help in the fight against Cancer with the Management Association and Alex's Lemonade Stand! Fighting Childhood Cancer One Cup At A Time!!!!(Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Registered slogan)


You can kindly donate online as well at to help in our quest to reach our target goal.


The Management Association is open to all undergraduate students and graduate students.
All meetings are held in the Business and Science  Building (BSB) Conference  Room 231.
During the free periods from 12:20 until 1:30pm; unless otherwise  noted.
All MAJORS are welcome  to join the Management Association


Upcoming Officers for the Management Association can email us at

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