Fall 2019

Numerical methods   (50:198:481, 56:198:581)
Computational techniques for solving scientific problems: Precision and IEEE floating point representation, solving an equation, interpolation, numerical integration, approximation of functions, numerical linear algebra, numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations. Prerequisites: 50:198:113 and 50:640:122.
Required textbook:   R.L. Burden, J.D. Faires, Numerical analysis, Centage, Brooks/Cole (any edition from the 4th onward).

[Reference page on C, Unix, Python, etc.:   Ref. page.]


Computational complexity, cryptography and computer security (graphical passwords), automata theory, complexity of problems in combinatorial group theory.   Publications.

The Graphical Passwords Project in cooperation with D. Hong, N. Memon, S. Man, and S. Wiedenbeck:   Page.